Custom Knife Deposit

Custom Knife Deposit

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This is a deposit order for a custom-made knife by Drew. Purchasing this order adds you to our growing waiting list. Our current wait time for a custom knife is about 8-10 months, although we are often able to finish orders sooner. 

When it's time to start your order, Drew will contact you to discuss your exact requests, give a full quote, and start your knife. 

If your order hasn't been started, you will be able to get a full refund of this deposit if you change your mind. Once the specifics of your order have been discussed so production can be begin, full payment is expected and a refund of this deposit will no longer be available. 

Due to increased interest in a DHK knife, any email inquiries about purchasing a custom order will be redirected to this item for purchase before specifics will be discussed. Thank you for your understanding.