Why Order a Custom Knife?

I prefer to make custom knives for kitchen professionals and home cooks based on their personal needs and style. I realize that not everyone holds a knife like I do, nor do they have the same shape of hand, length of fingers, or strength that I do. Therefore, it’s important that each custom knife be a creation between me and the owner.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom knife, here are some things to consider before contacting me:

Size and Shape

What size knife do you need? While a large chef knife always looks impressive, if you’re working in a small kitchen, sometimes a medium utility knife can be more useful. These knives are meant to be used daily and become the main knife that the chef is using. Functionality is key and I’m happy to discuss with you what might be best suited to your needs. While I can make almost any size or shape knife, these are the most common:

Large Chef knife 10” blade (most expensive and my least favorite to make)

Medium Chef knife 8” blade

Large slicer 8-12” blade

Utility knife 6-8” blade

Filet knife 6-8” blade

Paring knife 3-6” blade

I prefer thin blades for precision cutting but can also make thicker, bone-cutting blades like cleavers or a combination of both like an oyster knife. 

Blades and Handles

Once you decide on the size and shape of the blade, then you'll need to choose the type of steel, the material for the handle, and any additional aesthetic elements like bolsters and pins.

I use a variety of types of steel with stainless AEB-L, 15N20, and simple high-carbon 1084 steel being the most popular. Stainless steel is a harder steel and will keep a sharp edge longer with better corrosion resistance. Simple carbon knives are much sharper, but they require frequent maintenance and the steel will often oxidize. Both methods result in a fantastic product, but it’s a personal choice depending on how much time you want to spend caring for the knife.

I prefer to use natural materials for the handles like wood including California redwood, buckeye burl, maple, desert ironwood, and spalted pecan. Occasionally, I make handles using synthetic phenolic laminates. An example of these are the black and orange handles for Giants fans that are often seen on my shop page. 


A basic guideline is that paring knives start at $275 and large chef knives start at $500. The cost of a custom knife depends on how elaborate the design and how much time is spent on the knife. A larger knife or a hand-forged knife (high carbon) takes longer and is therefore more expensive. Extra inlays, decorative pins, and anything else that increases the beauty and uniqueness of the knife also increases the price. I always give a final quote or offer a refund before I start a knife. 

Industry Discount

As a former line cook, it's important to me that my knives are accessible to anyone interested in owning one. Therefore, I offer an industry discount to people currently working in a professional kitchen. When you place your order, let me know you're in the industry (and that you can prove it) and I'll discount the final price. 


If you would like to order a custom knife, please visit my shop page and purchase a Custom Knife Order Deposit. This will let me know that you're serious about buying a knife from me and will add you to my waitlist. When it's your turn, I will contact you to discuss the specifics of your knife. Full payment will be due before I start production of your knife. My current waitlist is about 6 months but I do all that I can to get each knife finished sooner.

If you have additional questions not answered by this site, you can send me an email. I promise to respond in a timely manner.