About DHK

As a chef, I know how much every cook needs a good knife that’s comfortable to hold for hours, useful for a variety of things in the kitchen, and keeps a sharp edge for a long time. I can make almost any style of knife, but I prefer to make knives meant to be used in the kitchen.

I make knives two ways: stock removal and forging. Primarily, I use the stock removal method for stainless steel blades and the forging method for simple carbon blades. All the knives are shaped, heat-treated, assembled, and finished in my shop. Every step of the process is done by me, by hand. 


Each knife I make comes with a lifetime *common sense* guarantee. If a problem from the construction of one of my knives arises (which has never happened), I’ll fix it or replace it for free. As a chef, I know that accidents do happen in professional kitchens. If your DHK knife gets a chip in the blade, I can regrind and put a new edge on it for a small fee if my schedule allows. Maintenance instructions and guidelines specific to each knife will be included in the packaging when you receive your order. Beyond that, I recommend my knives to be hand washed with a mild soap and promptly towel dried. Never wash one of my knives in the dishwasher or put it away wet. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me.

To Purchase

There are two options for purchasing a Drew Hash Knife. The first, and most preferred, is to order a custom knife via my shop page by making a deposit and getting added to my waitlist (see Custom Page for more specifics). The second is to buy a completed knife from my shop page. I sell the knives I've made in groups that range in number from six to ten, depending on how many I have to sell. The next sale date is listed on the top of the page and I always give updates on social media.