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I'm a former chef who's turned a childhood fascination with knives into a profession.  I've always been enamored with all styles of knives and love that knives are man's oldest and most-used tool. I'm self taught in the art of knife-making and draw on my years of cooking in high-level professional kitchens for knowledge of what serious cooks need for their favorite tool. 

I use a variety of types of steel with stainless and high-carbon being the most popular. My knives are meant to be used daily and become the main knife the chef uses. All the knives I create are forged, heat-treated, assembled, and finished in my shop. Every step of the process is done by me, by hand. 


Each knife I make comes with a lifetime *common sense* guarantee. If a problem from the construction of one of my knives arises (which has never happened), I’ll fix it or replace it for free. Maintenance instructions and guidelines specific to each knife will be included in the packaging when you receive your order. I recommend my knives to be hand washed and promptly towel dried. Never wash one of my knives in the dishwasher or put it away wet.


There are two ways to order a knife from me: See what's available on my shop page and follow me on social media for announcements of upcoming sales. If you see a knife you like that's listed as sold, let me know and I'll recreate it for you.

The second, and most common, way is to get a custom knife. If you would like to order a custom knife, please visit my shop page and purchase a Custom Knife Order Deposit. This will let me know that you're serious and will add you to my waitlist. I will contact you soon thereafter to discuss the specifics of your knife. Full payment isn't due until I'm ready to ship the blade. My current waitlist is 6 to 10 months, depending on your specific order and those ahead of you, but I do all that I can to get each knife finished sooner.