Custom chef knives, made by a chef.
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I started working in restaurants at the age of 16 as a way to make extra money. Unlike many, I never attended culinary school but instead used restaurants as my classroom working my way through all the stations in the back of the house — from dishwasher to executive chef. I've worked at notable restaurants in California such as Campanile in Los Angeles and Hawthorne Lane, Boulevard, and Spruce all in San Francisco.  

I've realized how much cooking is similar to knife making. You use heat and time as a way to manipulate the components you're working with. From there, it takes patience and practice to finesse the final item into something beautiful. I always enjoyed cooking a meal for customers that would make their event or night memorable. But unlike food, what I'm making now won't just be a memory, but can last forever if cared for properly. 

When I'm not cooking or banging on metal in my shop, you can find me freediving off the Sonoma Coast or spending time with my family. 





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